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Agile / Scrum

00h 09m (1 section)
Technovate (Technology and Innovation)

Course Description

The world is changing rapidly, and product developers need to keep up.

One approach is the agile project management framework, Scrum.

Scrum focuses on releasing a product as soon as possible, and continuously adapting it based on feedback from customers. This way, product developers can ensure they meet customer needs and can keep up in today’s competitive environment.

In this online course you’ll learn about Agile development and how it compares to the waterfall method.
You’ll also learn what the Scrum is and how it works. You’ll discover the roles and responsibilities of the scrum team, and what scrum events and artifacts are.

Finally, you’ll learn about some points to keep in mind when choosing the Scrum framework.

Join us, and take your product development and project management to the next level!

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