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Approaching Large Clients as a Smaller Business

00h 22m (1 section)

Course Description

Are you a small business owner aiming to connect with large clients?

Join Casey Abel, CEO and co-founder of ZooKeep, as he unravels his journey navigating the complexities of operating a small business in Japan.

Abel delves into the nuances of building trust and credibility, which are essential in the Asian business landscape, and the importance of a top-down sales approach in establishing significant client relationships. He discusses the critical factors that large companies must consider when evaluating smaller vendors, like staying power and delivery capabilities.

He also discusses the power of saying ‘no’ to clients and the strategic approach to managing client relationships for long-term success.
Finally, he shares advice for leaders of small businesses, highlighting the importance of a steady cash flow and a long-term vision in business growth.

Join us for this enlightening discussion and gain practical insights into approaching large clients as a small business!

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