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Communication During Negotiations

00h 22m (1 section)
Critical Thinking and Communication

Course Description

From daily matters to asking for a raise at work, life is full of negotiations. The fact is, being a good negotiator helps you get what you want.

With this in mind, how should you adjust your communication during negotiations? How does this apply across cultures and relationships?

Join Brian Cathcart, a lecturer of critical thinking, facilitation and negotiation, as he shares advice on how to be an effective communicator during negotiations.

Cathcart shares the essential tips you need to know when dealing with negotiations. He explains how communication differs in negotiations compared to other situations. He also provides some key common communication strategies you can utilize in negotiations. He further details negotiation tactics and ways to adjust communication depending on the situation.

Join us for the full interview and see how you can adjust your communication to get the best outcome!

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