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Competition & Co-Invention in Generative AI: Recent Developments and Applications

01h 00m (1 section)
Technovate (Technology and Innovation)

Course Description

In an era of technological transformation, how is generative AI reshaping the landscape of work, skills, and innovation? As this technology rapidly evolves, understanding its impact and integration into various sectors is crucial.

This panel from the 2023 G1 Global Conference delves into the profound changes brought about by generative AI. Experts discuss the advancements in foundation models, the competitive dynamics within the AI industry, and the burgeoning applications transforming businesses and learning environments.

The conversation also touches on the essential role of responsible AI usage and the need for continuous upskilling in the workforce.

Join industry leaders as they explore these critical themes, providing insights into how companies and individuals can adapt and thrive in a world increasingly influenced by generative AI technologies.

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