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Deductive and Inductive Reasoning

00h 08m (1 section)
Critical Thinking and Communication

Course Description

Have you ever made progress on something at work only to wind up stumped by a problem you didn’t know how to solve?

Enhancing your critical thinking skills with deductive and inductive reasoning can help!

Greek philosopher Aristotle is often credited with first recognizing these two types of reasoning, which have long stood the test of time, and have practical, real-world applications. Deductive and inductive reasoning can help you solve problems or test the accuracy of solutions you have in mind.

Deductive reasoning starts from a broad premise then moves towards a specific conclusion. Inductive reasoning, on the other hand, starts with many specific observations then moves towards a broad conclusion.

When faced with different sorts of problems, these types of reasoning can improve your critical thinking skills and ensure that you find the best answers!

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