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Developing a Professional Business Mindset

00h 17m (1 section)
Kokorozashi and Career

Course Description

Throughout your business journey, you will experience challenges, successes, and confront failures.

Adopting a professional business mindset can help you navigate these experiences and thrive by helping you become adaptable, authentic, and resilient.

In this course, you’ll learn six essential components to help you develop a professional business mindset, including:

Learning from failure
Believing in yourself and in your own potential
Being willing to take on new challenges
Finding role models to follow
Leveraging your individuality
and being willing to learn and master new things.

You’ll also learn about three different types of failures and what they can teach you, as well as the Japanese concept of Shu-Ha-Ri, and how it can help you learn and develop new skills.

Join us, and start developing a professional business mindset today!

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