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Digital Mindset

00h 30m (1 section)
Technovate (Technology and Innovation)

Course Description

In today’s world, digital technology is swiftly reshaping the business landscape, with disruptive innovations becoming the norm. In such a dynamic environment, leaders must develop a digital mindset.

But what exactly is a digital mindset, and why is it crucial to cultivate one?

Join Dr. Giulio Toscani, an expert in big data, artificial intelligence, and strategic thinking, as he delves into the essentials of forming a digital mindset.

Toscani highlights four core elements of a digital mindset: digital awareness, visionary and effective communication, active learning, and influential leadership. Furthermore, he discusses the importance of digital ethics and identifies signs of technology misuse. He also offers guidance on striking a balance between our digital and real-world engagements.

Join us for the full interview and discover how to nurture your digital mindset today!

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