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Business microlearning from Japan’s No1 MBA

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Entrepreneurship Advice from a Coach’s Perspective

00h 32m (1 section)

Course Description

Are you ready to embark on an entrepreneurial journey?

What does it take to transform your idea into a successful business?

Join Joshua Flannery, CEO and founder of Innovation Dojo Japan, as he delves into his journey from aspiring entrepreneur to established CEO as well as the unique approach he takes when coaching aspiring business leaders.

Flannery discusses how he approaches critical aspects of entrepreneurship, including the importance of being deeply connected to the problems you aim to solve and the true role of technology in entrepreneurship.

He addresses common misconceptions in the entrepreneurial process, such as the sequence of securing funding and idea validation. He also touches on the importance of sharing ideas for feedback and simple, yet effective, validation techniques.

Finally, he encourages individuals to trial entrepreneurship, emphasizing the learning and fulfillment it can bring.

Join us for the full discussion and gain invaluable insights from an experienced entrepreneur’s perspective!

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