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Excel Functions & Formulas: Count & Sum

00h 32m (1 section)

Course Description

When dealing with large amounts of data, counting the number of times values appear, or finding a total of certain values becomes essential.
Basic Excel functions such as COUNT and SUM are there to help your descriptive analysis.

This course covers how to:
• Use the COUNT, COUNTIF, COUNTIFS and SUM, SUMIF, SUMIFS functions to quickly count and add data,
• Use the LEN, SUM and SUBSTITUTE functions to count characters,
• Use the SUM and LARGE functions to calculate the sum of the largest numbers in a range of cell,
• Use the COUNTBLANK and COUNTA functions to count blank and nonblank cells,
• Combine the not-equal-to operator with the IF and COUNTIF functions,
• Use the COUNTIF and ISLOGICAL functions to count all cells with text and logical values,
• And, use the SUMPRODUCT function to calculate the sum of the products of particular value.

Join us, and explore how these functions enable dynamic calculations as your data or criterion changes.

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