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Innovation Management: Lessons from Nissan and Toyota

00h 31m (1 section)
Organizational Behavior

Course Description

Is your organization pushing forward with breakthrough innovations?

Companies often claim to be innovative but struggle to live up to their promise.

Join us in an enlightening interview with Guillaume Gerondeau, the vice president of Transportation and Mobility Industry Asia at Dassault Systèmes, as he goes into the complexities of making organizations more innovative.

Gerondeau dives into global management strategy, uncovering common pitfalls organizations encounter. He discusses regional strategy development approaches and how to integrate these differences. Furthermore, he shares the Third Road of Management, three key steps he developed to transform management strategy to make organizations more innovative and dynamic.

Take this unique opportunity to learn how to gain a competitive edge on an international stage.

Join us for the full interview and begin your journey on the Third Road today!

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