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Making a “Green” Career Move

00h 21m (1 section)
Kokorozashi and Career

Course Description

Are you intrigued by a career path that uplifts both your personal and professional growth? Have you ever wondered how your work could directly contribute to sustainability? If so, you should consider diving into the green revolution!

Join Bruno Rauis, a product structuring and financing professional at Candi Solar, as he shares his experience and advice about making the transition into a green industry.

Rauis discusses common reasons why individuals gravitate toward green careers and clarifies the distinctions between a “sustainable” and “traditional economy.” He delves into numerous challenges that society and the planet face today while explaining his motivation for combating climate change. Finally, he offers actionable steps for those intrigued by joining a green industry, along with the pros and cons of doing so.

Join us for the full interview and explore whether you’re ready to join the green revolution!

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