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Power and Influence: Sources of Power

00h 36m (6 sections)

Course Description

Power and influence are two vital mechanisms for moving people and organizations to action.

How can you motivate people and organizations to act and achieve goals?

What kind of power do you hold?

Power refers to the potential ability to influence behavior, change the course of events, overcome resistance, and get others to do things they would not otherwise do.

In part one of this two-part series, you’ll acquire a five-step process for strategically using power and influence to achieve major goals and objectives. You’ll also learn the three main sources of power that leaders can draw upon to move others towards desired actions. With these in mind, see how and why people react to different sources of power, when these sources are most effective, and what you can do when you don’t possess power.

Take this course and learn how to use power and influence to lead others more effectively and achieve results!

** “Power and Influence: Sources of Power” is part one of a two-course series. You are recommended to study this course first and then “Power and Influence: Weapons of Influence.**

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