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Course Description

Ever felt that irresistible urge to own something rare, exclusive, and hard to get?

What drives the craving for exclusivity?

The answer is scarcity – it’s the magic that drives customers’ wants, decisions, and actions.

In this course, you’ll discover the power of scarcity and how businesses and customers leverage it to shape choices and strategies. You’ll also learn about two types of scarcity: real scarcity and perceived scarcity, as well as some illuminating real-world examples of scarcity in action.

These examples demonstrate how scarcity strategies such limited availability and urgency, can trigger the “fear of missing out,” and mold perceptions of value. Finally, you will gain some insight into important considerations and potential pitfalls to remember when dealing with scarcity.

Join us to learn how you can use the powerful tool of scarcity today!

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