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The Enigma of Low Trust in Japan

01h 22m (1 section)

Course Description

How much trust do you have in your country? How about in business?

The truth is, trust matters. It enhances teamwork, collaboration, commitment, and even customer loyalty.

Richard Edelman, president and CEO of the global communications firm, Edelman, shares insights on the current status of trust in Japan and how it compares to other countries. Edelman digs deep into the impact trust can have on employees and what businesses can do to improve it. Additionally, he discusses which economic and societal issues business leaders should publicly address and which they should avoid in terms of building trust.

He is joined in a dialogue and Q&A session by Mr. Yoshito Hori, the founder and president of GLOBIS.

Join us and uncover critical trends in trust and learn how it can be improved!

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