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The Future of Learning

00h 55m (1 section)
Organizational Behavior

Course Description

As the digital revolution continues and our world comes to grip with a new normal, upskilling and reskilling employees has become essential for maintaining a competitive business. But, what are good approaches for L&D during the pandemic? And how can companies develop a multigenerational and dispersed workforce?

Manager and faculty of GLOBIS Corporation, Adam Gordon, reveals the answers to questions like these and more!

In this online webinar, he shares about the evolution of education, reveals the current norms in L&D, and explains why it is more important than ever before. He also illustrates the challenges and opportunities for L&D today, and how companies can approach their talent development.

Joining him for Q&A is Nisha Chandra, also a manager and faculty member at GLOBIS Corporation. Together, they discuss L&D in more detail and answer questions regarding its implementation.

No matter your background, this course will provide you with a clearer understanding of the L&D landscape!

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