The Future of Learning: The Importance of Digital Education in L&D

Webinar Sept. 29 2021, 17:00 JST

Join this informative online session to learn about how digital education technology is shaping the future of learning in the 21st century.

Discover the future of learning and the importance of digital education.
  • Current trends in L&D and the focus of today’s learners
  • Why continued self-development and L&D programs are important – especially in times of change
  • The continuing emergence of digital education mediums
  • The challenges and opportunities digital education provide – case studies from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Example of microlearning services and how microlearning is effective

The Future of Learning: The Importance of Digital Education in L&D

In today’s world of constant change, it is the people of an organization that make a difference and provide competitive advantage. The people represent the beating heart of any business. Therefore, the key to success for any organization lies in the management and growth of its people.


Nurturing and developing these people are at the center of all L&D initiatives. These activities benefit employees and businesses alike, allowing both to grow in tandem.


However, providing this opportunity for growth can come at a considerable cost to an organization. Coupled with constant change, from technological advances to widening globalization, the need to reskill and upskill is ever increasing, adding to L&D cost.


Digital education and training has presented a solution to many organizations, providing their workforces with access to new ways to grow – reskill and upskill – and to tackle the challenges that lay ahead. Digital education is the future of learning and should form the basis of any HR-led L&D initiative.

Who should attend?

HR, L&D, and other business professionals interested in the development of their teams or self-development.

Date & Time

This online event will be September 29, 2021
17:00-18:00 JST
Language: English

Adam Gordon

About the Speaker

Adam Gordon

Manager, Corporate Faculty

The speaker, Adam Gordon, has years of experience in the field of digital education, working with industry leaders like edX and Waseda University before joining GLOBIS.

Adam Gordon has worked in the education sector in Asia and the UK for over 20 years and has been engaged in content management, business development, strategy planning, L&D, operations, and marketing during this time. He has facilitated sessions in leadership with a strong focus on globalisation and a keen interest in Japanese management.

Adam specialises in learning and development, with a heavy focus on digital education. He has overseen the launch of multiple digital learning and development initiatives for major multinational corporations and academia. He has extensive knowledge in learning theory and design, as well as in coaching teams and individuals.

Adam’s passion is to cultivate an environment that encourages continuous learning. His personal mission is to: “Utilize technology and industry 4.0 to create a world in which education is accessible by everyone. Anyone, from anywhere, should have easy access to high quality education.”

At GLOBIS, Adam manages two teams, the global B2C and B2B team and the global content development team for digital services. He also coaches corporate clients in leadership development. His specialisations include leadership development and theory, L&D, global HR, team development and globalisation, and cross-cultural management.


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