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Book Explorer | Numbers Don’t Lie by Vaclav Smil

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Analytical Skills

Course Description

Today we are surrounded by numbers and data. But how much of it can we really trust?

“Numbers Don’t Lie”, written by Vaclav Smil, Czech-Canadian scientist and policy analyst, is a best-selling book on the significance and limitations of quantitative data in understanding our complex world.

Join GLOBIS lecturer Jake Pratley, as he shares his views on this popular book and how it highlights both the power and pitfalls of numbers in areas like energy, technology, and environmental issues.

In this review, you’ll hear how misinterpretations and oversimplifications of numbers can lead people to flawed conclusions. You’ll also hear why it is essential to critically evaluate numerical information in context when making important decisions in business or in life.

Reviewer: Jake Pratley, lecturer, GLOBIS University

Smil, Vaclav. 2020. Numbers Don’t Lie. Penguin Random House.

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