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Frequency Distribution Analysis

00h 09m (1 section)
Analytical Skills

Course Description

When analyzing data, it’s easy to get caught up focusing on the mean, or average value, in a data set.

However, it’s important to also consider different perspectives when looking at data.

A Frequency distribution analysis can be a useful approach!

Frequency distribution analysis refers to creating a representation of how often something occurs in given intervals. This is sometimes done by using a histogram to identify trends and answer important questions.

In this course, you’ll see what frequency distribution analysis is, and how it can be used. You’ll also learn what a histogram is and the ways it can be used to visualize distributions of data. Finally, you’ll discover different types of distributions and identify points to be aware of when using frequency distribution analysis.

The insights gathered using frequency distribution analysis can be used to support better decision-making across a wide range of industries.

Join us and discover how useful frequency distribution analysis can be!

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