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Forget, Borrow, Learn

00h 10m (1 section)

Course Description

The constant demand for growth often requires established companies to launch new products and services. But, doing so can be risky.
How can companies leverage their resources and know-how without stifling creativity and innovation?

The Forget, Borrow, Learn framework can help.

The framework was created by Dartmouth professor Vijay Govindarajan, and innovation expert Chris Trimble. Essentially, it is a way for companies to determine what they should do differently or the same when embarking on new business ventures.

In this course, you’ll learn about common challenges established businesses encounter when embarking on new ventures. You’ll also discover why it is essential for companies to forget familiar ways of doing things in order to encourage innovation. At the same time, you’ll see how companies can borrow and leverage their existing resources. Finally, you’ll see why it’s necessary for companies to learn new ways of doing things to help new ventures succeed.

Join us and discover Forget, Borrow, Learn today!

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