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Nestlé Japan’s Marketing Management

01h 15m (1 section)

Course Description

How do companies drive innovation in marketing, and how can a company effectively localize a product?

It’s every marketer’s dream to create a globally recognized product. Masafumi Ishibashi has been doing just that with Kit Kat at Nestlé Japan.
In this webinar, Masafumi Ishibashi, senior managing executive officer and chief marketing officer of Nestlé Japan, shares the story of Nestlé and Kit Kat’s prolific success in the Japanese market. He also shares their approach to marketing strategy as a management function and discusses the strategies he prioritizes.

He is joined in a dialogue and Q&A by Mr. Satoshi Hirose, deputy dean of GLOBIS University.

Join us and discover the secrets behind Mr. Ishibashi’s success at Nestlé Japan, how Kit Kat became a national success, and the long-term vision of Kit Kat in Japan.

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