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Book Explorer | “Net Positive” by Andrew S. Winston and Paul Polman

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Organizational Behavior

Course Description

The world is facing massive challenges.
Climate change, resource pressures, and widening inequality, are just some of which threaten the future of the planet and our society.

Governments alone cannot solve these problems. Businesses need to step up.
They can do this by becoming “Net Positive” – giving back more than they take.

“Net Positive” is a popular bestseller written by sustainable business expert, Andrew S. Winston, and the former CEO of Unilever, Paul Polman.

Join GLOBIS lecturer Trond Varlid, as he shares his take on why this book is required reading for business professionals today.

In this review, you’ll learn why businesses share critical responsibility for some of the most serious challenges the world faces. You’ll also discover why sustainable models and practices are key to success today.

Reviewer: Trond Varlid, lecturer, GLOBIS University

Winston, Andrew S. Polman, Paul. 2021. Net Positive. Harvard Business Review Press.

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