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Notice required by the “Act on Specified Commercial Transactionsin Japan”
Company Name

GLOBIS Corporation


5-1 Niban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0084

Name of Officer

Yosuke Inoue, Managing Director

Corporate Website
Phone Number



Please see the price for each service/producton their respective service page.The prices are indicated either on a before or afterconsumption tax basis. The customer will pay for the applicable consumption tax.

Time of Delivery

Upon confirmation of payment.

Time and Method of Payment

For GLOBIS Unlimited: At the time of payment by credit card on a monthly subscription basis for multiple months.

Condition on Subscription Agreement

6-Month Plan (Total of USD99.99 for 6 months. Consumption tax included) is offered for GLOBIS Unlimited.The6-month plan comes with 1-week (7 days)free trial period (for first-time users only) in which the initial 7 days of use will be at no charge. After the free trial period ends, the user will automatically enter into the subscription agreement in which the fee will be charged monthly. The monthly subscription fee will not incur if you terminate your subscription by 23:59 (at Japan Standard Time) of the 7th day of your1-week free trial period. Otherwise, the subscription fee will be charged on the first day of your paid subscription and then on the same day of the month at the start of a new subscription period.

Additional Cost or Fee
No other charges will incur;however, the user will be responsible for the procurement/cost of the device (e.g., computer or mobile phone) and telecommunication sufficient to receive our services.

Terms of Refund

No refund will be made once a monthly payment has been made. If you terminate your subscription in the middle of your monthly subscription period, no refund will be made for the days of the unused portion of the monthly period which has already been paid for.If the upfront lump-sum payment has been made for a multiple month subscription, no refund will be made if the subscription is terminated before its maturity.